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Sports Bras: Stop Bouncing, Start Playing

You know how it is. There’s so much demand on your time that being fit is the only way to keep up.

Be fit and fab with supportive, stylish sports bras that can take you from the gym to the boardroom, no sweat.

Three Tips on Picking the Right Sports Bra

Women’s sports bras have evolved from the chest bindings that were often used before to keep breasts from bouncing when exercising or doing strenuous activities. Instead of compression, modern sports bras put emphasis on shaping and support. Style is also an important factor since sports bras are often worn as a top during workouts or used as an alternative for regular or leisure bras.

Pick your sport bra with these tips:

  • Choose a sports bra depending on the intensity of your activity.
    Women’s sports bras come with different levels of support. Gets a sport bra with the right level of support using this guide:
    • Low Impact Sports Bra - Best for yoga, stretching, Pilates, and cycling.
    • Medium Impact Sports Bra - Ideal for walking, hiking, spinning, and cycling.
    • High Impact Sports Bras - Use these for running, dancing, and jumping rope.
  • Go for a sports bra that keeps you dry.
    Any sports bra that’s worth buying has moisture-wicking capabilities. This feature ensures that you stay dry and comfortable through your workout.

  • Pick a sports bra that provides enough coverage.
    If you intend to wear sports bras as a top during your workout, ensure that they provide adequate coverage. If you intend to wear a sports bra under a shirt, there are styles that allow more freedom of movement.

Most sports bras may be used for activities other than exercise and physical activities. Check out our sports bra collection and see which style suits your needs best.